Automatic Packet Reporting System … APRS

Ham Radio 360
Ham Radio 360
Ham Radio 360 is one outstanding podcast … pretty much top on my listening list each week. In late January Cale Nelson K4CDN had an interview with Kenneth Fennegan W6KWF on the subject of APRS. Kenneth had done his master’s thesis on this system and has a lot of great insight into the capabilities, warts, and options. That interview was very informative and definitely piqued my interest! I have an APRS transmitter from Byonics in my Toyota Rav4 that runs whenever the car is running and in motion. I ordered the unit pre-configured and have not made any changes to the configuration as I had no idea what most of the configuration options meant!

This episode proved to be very popular and generated plenty of questions. Cale posted on Facebook and Twitter that he was going to have Kenneth come back for a followup interview to address these questions.

This week that followup episode was released. It’s about two hours long and answered questions I didn’t even know I had about APRS! I think I now understand how to better set up my Byonics Microtrak AIO transmitter, so I’ve ordered the necessary cable.

If you have any interest at all in APRS, listen to both episodes! They’ll be well worth your time.

Episode 1: All About APRS With W6KWF

Episode 2: APRS Followup — Listener Q&A